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Who Are We?

As a California based manufacture established in 2014, we hold ourselves accountable to sourcing each of our products with high quality components. Our mission is to empower people to accomplish their goals/daily tasks by engineering products that exceed expectations and match their lifestyle. Most products are hand assembled and all are designed to take an innovative approach to securing mobile devices in and around heavy-duty equipment. We envision a world where Mob Armor hardware enables people to utilize mobile technology safely while accomplishing the unimaginable.  

Make MONEY with Mob Armor!

We know that running a business is tough. Once you become a dealer of our line, you can count on us to do everything in our power to ensure a positive experience as a valued Mob Armor partner. Let us focus on engineering top tier products that sell themselves through innovative point of purchase displays while you focus on everything else. If you’re not making money, we aren’t making money. Your success is our success!


THE EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE MOUNT.  Built with 6061-T6 aluminum, two 90lb pull-force magnets, and a 90 degree notch, this mount is capable of maximum articulation for everyday use. Also available as a claw mount.

THE MOST SECURE MOUNT FOR NEARLY EVERY VEHICLE.  Tighten down your device and attach this claw mount to any round or irregular tubing - like handle bars, roll cages, and more - up to 2". Also available as a magnetic mount.

THE MOST VERSATILE MAGNETIC TABLET MOUNT. The TabNetic Pro is the strongest quick release tablet mount available. With two 290lb pull-force magnets and a 90 degree notch, your tablet will always be in view.

DESIGNED TO MOVE WITH YOU.  With double sided magnets and a smooth spindle for any hands, mount your phone on the dash or take it with you for easy gripping.

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